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Sports sayings are a big part of practice and games. They can be used as cheers, posters, and t-shirts. Here is a list for baseball, basketball, football, and volleyball slogans that my husband collected for me. If you have any other great ones, please let me know!

Baseball Sports Sayings

Batting Phrases:

"Good cut!" - use for when the batter misses the ball (Can also be used if you foul a ball off)

"Now you've seen it!" - use for when the batter takes strike one

"Watch the junk" - use on an 0-2 or 1-2 count when you think the pitcher is going to throw an off-speed pitch, such as a curve or change-up away.

"Gotta protect now!" or "Protect the plate!" - use on an 0-2 count when the batter needs one more strike to strikeout

"Drive him home!" or "Bring him home!" - use when there is a runner in scoring position and you need an RBI.

"Your pitch now" - use on a 3-0 or 3-1 count where the batter is ahead in the count

"It's in the gap" or ""it's dropping" - use when the batter has hit a ball in between fielders and he has doubts whether he will be safe or out

"Good hustle" - this is comforting for someone who just grounded out

"Get 'em next time" - same as above, only can be used for any type of out

"Whada Ya Say (Number of player)!"-when you want the player to do well or just giving support.

"Chicken ain't nothing but a bird!"- use pretty much anytime, but especially when the umpire makes a bad call on a pitch; specifically said "Chicken ain't nothin but a bird Blue!"

"Hey get a nine iron" when a low pitch is called for a strike.

Fielding Sports Sayings:

"Get two!" or "Turn two!" or "Roll a pair!" - another way of saying go for a double play

"He's going!" - shout this when an opponent is attempting to steal a base

"Cut 'x' " - insert a number for "x", such as "Cut 4!" The number will apply to a base, either 2, 3, or 4 for home. This tells the outfielder where to throw

"Get one!" - lets a fielder know where he has to throw it, in this case first base

"Can of Corn" - easy play

"Hey lets get 1 and 1." - referring to let's get the first out and then go for the second.

Pitching Sports Sayings:

"Don't lose him!" - when there is a full count on the batter

"Give him a look" or "look over" - this tells the pitcher that the guy is taking a big lead

"Strikes now kid" - when the pitcher has having difficulty finding the strike zone

"Deep breath now!"- when the pitcher is rushing

"Focus and fire"-when the pitcher has having difficulty finding the strike zone

"He Gone"-when the pitcher strikes a player out"

Basketball Sports Sayings

Offense Sports Sayings:

“Air ball” – a shot attempt that didn't hit the rim of the basket.

“Hoop it up” – when you want someone to shoot the ball, also to get the game started

“Kiss the rim” – getting up for a slam dunk.

“Take it to the hoop” – driving into the lane.

“Coast to Coast” – taking the ball from one end of the court to the other and scoring.

“Nothin’ but net” and “Swoosh” – making a basket without using the backboard or hitting the rim.

“Taken to School” – when you easily pass your defender going in for a basket.

“Throwing up a prayer” – taking a less than ideal shot, sometimes followed with “it’s answered” when it surprisingly goes in.

“Brick” and “putting up a brick” – missing a shot, most commonly used when there was little to know arc in the shot.

“From downtown” or “from the rafters” or “bomb” – shooting a basket from way beyond the three point line.

“Alley-oop” – when a player catches a basketball in the air and dunks or lays in the ball before he lands on the ground.

“Banks it in” – making a basket off the backboard.

“And one” – getting fouled in the process of shooting and making the basket.

Defense Sports Sayings:

“D-up” – get into defensive position.

“Pick pocket” or “picked his/her pocket” – getting a steal.

“Rejected” or “Denied” – blocking a shot.

“Trap ‘em” – forcing an offensive player into a corner or sideline.

“Watch the screen” – warning a player of being blocked by another player. Can happen on both sides of the court.

“Grab the board” – to get a rebound. Can happen both offensively and defensively.

“Cherry picking” – grabbing a rebound above the rim.

“Box out” – when a defender gets into a better position by using his body to stay between an opponent and the basket.

“Crashing the boards” – to aggressively go for the rebound.

“Full court press” – right when the offensive team gets the basketball in their backcourt, the other team aggressively goes after them to try and force a turnover instead of waiting at the other end.

“Stripped” – to steal the ball.

Football Sports Sayings

“Closed up the hole” or “clogging up the hole” – when the defense stops the offense from running the ball.

“It's a game of inches.” – the difference from getting a first down or touchdown.

“That hole was so big; you could drive a truck through it.” – when the defensive line has a large space for an offensive player to get through.

“He's gonna feel that one tomorrow.” – when someone gets hit or tackled hard.

“Banging it in” or “pounding it through” – when a player pushes the ball through the defense for a first down or touchdown.

“He could go all the way.” – when an offense player gets free and makes a long run pulling away from the defense and potentially taking it in for a touchdown.

“He goes deep” – when the quarterback throws a long pass.

“He found a hole and slid through it.” – when an offense player finds a break in the defensive line.

“He got sacked” – when a player gets tackled.

“Alligator arms” or “gator arm” – this has a double meaning one positive meaning the pass was close to the receivers body, one negative meaning the receiver either has short arms or doesn’t extend his arms; like an alligator.

“The combine” – a grueling battery of physical and mental tests to evaluate the aptitude of a player or group of players.

“Gasser” – sprint drills to increase endurance.

“Red Zone” – the area from the end zone to 20 yards out.

“Calling an audible” – changing a play at the line of scrimmage.

“Hail Mary” – when the quarterback throws a long pass without targeting a specific player and hoping someone catches it.

“The Pigskin” – is in reference to the football itself.

Volleyball Sports Sayings

It’s An Air Affair!

Block this!

We're gonna spike you!

Where the Spirit of Service & Spiking lives on!

What a Line-Up

You set it in the air I'll hit it anywhere!

Foul Play Suspected

It's Goin' Down!

Net Results are Awesome

Bump it, Set it, Smack it down

Bump - Set - DOMINATE!!

Meet me at the net!

Let's settle this at the net!

See you in Court

Volleyball 631. Six players. Three touches. Won.

Raise your expectations.

Step up or step off.

Volleyball is our business and business is good.


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